Scan/Email/Invoice Capture Applications for PC's

EzeScan PRO

Ezescan PRO provides desktop and batch scanning user interfaces in the one tool. The product is easy to use and has all the standard image enhancement features you’ll be likely to need. Add optional modules to extend functionality to achieve your business requirements (e.g. INDEX, UPLOAD, INVOICES, LINE ITEMS).


Ezescan Server provides a server based version of our product where images are scanned by a network scanner or MFD and can then be processed and passed onto its respective output location.

Each of these are delivered via our EzeScan windows 32/64 bit thick client application only. Not supported on Apple Mac's.

  • Out of the box functionality, no custom programming or scripting required
  • Our Software is typically installed and operational in days, not weeks or months
  • Captures your unstructured hard-copy documents in electronic format
  • Utilise low cost document scanners  or existing MFD/photocopiers
  • These suites of products provide cost-effective solutions, capable of delivering impressive productivity gains
  • Saves money, EzeScan can help reduce your scanning time by up to 2/3rds
  • Buy only the modules you need, upgrade to other modules later
  • Saves time, EzeScan's simple installation and configuration gets you up and running fast
  • Deploy your scanners anywhere (mail room, department, workgroup, or to every desktop)
  • A flexible, all in one product
  • Excellent service and support
  • Minimise your training costs with this simple, easy to use application
  • A vendor that listens to your needs.

Scan/Email/Invoice Capture Applications for Browsers

EzeScan WebApps

Ezescan WebApps are powerful business process automation applications designed to be used in conjunction with EzeScan SERVER or EzeScan PRO to deliver hardcopy document and electronic file capture, conversion, processing and routing directly to the desired network location or supported line of business applications. 

EzeScan WebApps include the EzeScan WebApps Server (EWA) which is a HTML5 web application deployed onto a windows IIS server. The EzeScan WebApps can be delivered to your favourite web browser enabling them to be run from PC’s, Apple Mac’s and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.

  • Zero footprint install. Nothing gets installed on the user device
  • Out of the box functionality, no custom programming or scripting required
  • Installed and operational in days, not weeks or months
  • Delivered via web browser, so zero footprint install required on your PC, tablet or phone
  • Simple web based interface, easy to use with minimal training required
  • Cost-effective solutions, capable of delivering impressive productivity gains
  • Saves time, simple installation and configuration gets you up and running fast
  • Excellent service and support.

Buy/Lease/Rent EzeScan Software, PC's and Scanners

We make it easy for our customers to buy, lease or rent our solutions.

  • You can rent Software and PC's and Scanners. Rent just what you need.
  • This allows customers to better manage their cash flow by choosing to either CAPEX or OPEX the solution costs.
  • Choose from a large range of new or refurbished scanners from Canon, Fujitsu or Kodak.
  • We can supply new scanners from any of these 3 Vendors quickly (to buy or lease).
  • We also have over 100+ scanners in stock in Australia (for short or long term rental).
  • If you have got a back scanning project to do we can come up with a pricing model that suits your needs.

Plugins Windows SDK for EzeScan Integrators

Our EzeScan PRO and SERVER provide several integration interfaces to allow 3rd party developers to connect EzeScan to other systems.

These interfaces allow an integrator to build their own plugins to import documents from a source, to search for metadata, and to send output to target systems.

We now support over 41 system integrations with EzeScan PRO and EzeScan SERVER. These were built by us using either our legacy Plugin SDK.

These SDK's are proven to be robust because we use them to build our own integrations within our EzeScan PRO and EzeScan SERVER products.

Authorised Integrators can purchase our Plugins Window SDK and use it to create integrations to other systems that we don't currently support.

  • Programmatically add your own source and destinations targets into EzeScan PRO and SERVER
  • Simply compile a connector DLL and drop it into the EzeScan plugins sub folder
  • Sample SDK example provided to show you how to build one of these
  • Proven, stable interface, we use it internally to build our own existing plugins.

EIS Web SDK for Web Developers

At EzeScan we've spent years building highly functional and robust integrations between our EzeScan PRO/SERVER products and many industry leading EDRMS and Financial systems.

We are now exposing some of these integration plugins for use outside of our EzeScan PRO/SERVER products. Designed specifically for use by systems integrators and device manufacturers.

We have created a new powerful restful web service called the EzeScan Integration Server (EIS) which accepts secure and authenticated requests from web clients (web apps, photocopiers, network scanners, other applications). A third party developer can utilise EIS to request metadata from an EDRMS system, retrieve a document from an EIS server, or request the EIS server to save a document into that EDRMS system.

Please note that Customers are solely responsible for ensuring that an EzeScan Integration Server only connects to those host systems that the customer is legally licensed to use, and that they don't violate the host systems client access license (CAL) terms of use.

Authorised Integrators can purchase our EIS Web SDK and use it to create integration connectors to other systems that we don't currently support.

  • Stop re-inventing the wheel building your integrations from scratch, we've already done that!
  • There are already 41 systems exposed by EIS for you to use
  • Use a simple web service API  to find, download or store documents and data from one of our supported systems
  • EIS has a common programming interface that hides the complexity of the back end systems
  • You could build your own EIS connectors to talk to other systems.