Automate Your Information Capture!

No matter the capture requirements, at EzeScan automation is all about making things easier for our customers.

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Production capture tends to consist of fairly repetitive tasks that typically require user intervention and excessive manual processing.

EzeScan can help you make lite work of these repetitive tasks with automation for;

  • document capture
  • data capture
  • data validation
  • image enhancement
  • file conversion
  • OCR
  • file naming and folder creation
  • document routing based on business rules
  • document upload to supported systems

For supported document management systems EzeScan can also automatically trigger your predefined business workflows.

Successful digitisation requires optimal document quality.  With EzeScan this is achieved by applying automated image enhancements like deskew, despeckle, crop, erase, delete blank pages, auto rotate.  This in turn helps to reduce the need for excessive quality assurance and eliminate the need to rescan poor quality documents.

Optimal image quality will also enhance your automated data capture, making it easier for EzeScan’s recognition engines like (OCR, ICR, BCR, OMR, MICR) to build highly automated capture workflows.

Automated data verification rules can also be applied to all field data ensuring the highest standard of data capture.

With EzeScan’s database lookup features you can also leverage your existing legacy databases by automatically returning field data based on captured data.  For instance, how many times do you data enter a customer’s phone number when you already have it in your CRM?

With EzeScan’s automation capabilities you can ensure your information is processed efficiently and accurately with little or no human intervention.